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A CRJ Review, From the People Who Tested It

The CRJ 700/900 is the latest aircraft of many advanced additions to the FDS fleet. It is safe to say that it is the most advanced airplane that FDS has released. It offers many new exciting features, animations, and realistic physics. We’ll take a look at some of these more in depth, then let the moderators steal the show. Without further ado, here is the CRJ review.

New Animations
The new CRJ series introduces some new animations to Infinite Flight. FDS is not new to animations, as the MD-11/DC-10 update featured opening cargo doors. The new animations added to the CRJ included an opening main door, service door, and cargo doors.

It also came with working windshield wipers, which could be a hint to the future. But as Philippe said in the FlightCast Las Vegas live stream, “Clouds first…”

Modeled Interior Cabin
This is the second time a passenger jet in Infinite Flight has had a modeled cabin in Infinite Flight, the 717 being the first. Along with this, comes much-wanted cabin window views, and mood lighting at night. With this, we can assume that all future aircraft will include a detailed interior. An exciting thought, especially for upcoming aircraft such as the TBM-930.

Wheel Steering and Suspension
With this update, came new suspension for the CRJ. This updated steering and suspension make the flying experience feel more real because if you slam your nose wheel into the ground, you’ll go bouncing like a bouncy castle. New suspension and animations also came to the A320 series in a more recent update.

Returning Features
A few of the features included in other aircraft have made a return in the CRJ. Wing flex is back and makes running into turbulence even more exciting. As usual, the physics are as realistic as possible. FDS consulted with real pilots and flight engineers to ensure the most fluent experience possible. The developers truly went above and beyond for this one.

My Opinion, and a Few Others…
I have no complaints with the CRJ. It is an amazing plane to fly and has allowed for so many more destinations to be unlocked. The regional capabilities in IF were lacking, and these last few updates have revived it.

But of course, a few of the most notable mods had a couple of things to say about the aircraft they tested for months.

DeerCrusher– “Well, the CRJ is a unique and different animal than any of the aircraft that we have available in the Infinite Flight Fleet so far. Taxiing at moderate to high taxi speeds can be a challenge because of the track distance between the main gear. You may notice that the aircraft will actually lean in the opposite direction of the turn.

The release of the CRJ was the first time that we got new suspension animations. This is probably one of my favorite small features that have been added to this aircraft. Unlike most aircraft we currently have, the strut will compress through the axle of the wheel. But now, these new animations give the appearance that the gear is utilizing a real-world oleo strut.

The CRJs come with many liveries from all around the world. When the rework for the CRJ was announced, FDS announced that the 700, 900, and the 1000 on top of the current 200 would be coming as well. As most of you folks know, the 700 and the 900 have already been released. I hope you guys are enjoying as just much as I am. It can be quite the fun and agile little jet.

Some of the things that I enjoy doing with the CRJ is exploring new airports. The CRJ has decent short field landing and take-off capabilities. Just remember not to depart or take off too heavy as your distances to takeoff/land will increase significantly.

For me personally its hard to find something that I truly dislike about it. The CRJ fleet has undergone rigorous beta testing by not only myself but other moderators, staff, pilots, air traffic controllers, and aircraft engineers who have some sort of real-world aviation experience. While humans are never perfect we strive for perfection and are eager to provide feedback to FDS so that they are able to produce a quality product that thousands if not tens or hundreds of thousands of people would get to enjoy. But if I had to choose something that I disliked it would be the lack of blue juice in the lavatory. Realism Level 101: Accomplished.”

Chris Shaffer– “I think the introduction of the CRJs emphasize how different each aircraft really is and forces the pilot to research plane configuration and specs. I remember when I was testing it I realized ‘Wow I need to learn how to fly this thing’.”

Misha– “I think the aircraft has brought about a new ability to fly into smaller airports that would otherwise have been undiscovered. Having liveries and aircraft for undiscovered places helps guide people to explore them. Along with new scenery, this helps to open the works to Infinite Flight users.

From the pilot perspective, the aircraft is so different from all others that it requires new learning for all, no matter the previous experience that a user may have had. The aircraft is nimble, fast and great fun to fly, and it has its quirks and hidden charms for the experienced user to explore.

The level of detail from the development perspective is also great to see. It shows commitment to high-quality aircraft in the future and sets a new benchmark for detail. It is great seeing people fly this new aircraft, and I enjoy doing so myself!”

Great comments, for an even greater plane.

I want to personally thank DeerCrusher, Chris Shaffer, and Misha for giving me their opinions on the new CRJ. It’s wonderful seeing such a great group of people come together to make something great. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future!

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